100% automated

for MetaTrader 4,

MetaTrader 5
and cTrader

What is it?
Solid trading strategies along with proper discipline are essential. The purpose behind the automatic execution service with trading systems is to adhere emotionlessly to the pre-established rules in a trading plan.

What you need to know before using our automated systems

We have developed our systems using artificial intelligence, representing the automation of multiple strategies. Each portfolio is composed of various trading strategies, with a particular focus on breakout strategies. Generally speaking, our specialties lie in such strategies.

To adapt to your specific needs, the risk parameters are fully adjustable, allowing you to achieve personalized results according to your preferences.
Each system has been specifically designed to operate with a particular stock market product.
Suggestions and considerations


Brokers and accounts

Each broker presents varied trading conditions, which can influence results. The platform that has demonstrated the best performance is IC Markets. Therefore, we suggest using the Expert Advisors (EAs) with this broker using a RAW account.


Minimum investment

The minimum investment amount will vary depending on the selected broker and the contract size of the financial instrument. For IC Markets, a capital of $2,000.00 is recommended to trade with a 1% risk per transaction. If you choose another broker, make sure to check the minimum capital required to trade with a 1% risk.


Associated risk

It is essential to recognize that the financial market is inherently unpredictable, and any event can occur. Having the automated operation of any portfolio does not ensure profitability nor guarantee success in an evaluation. It is crucial to be fully aware that the funds invested in the systems represent a fully assumed risk.
Operating Procedure

Day 1

Start of operations.

From day 15 to 29

Registration of new clients and acquisition of licenses.

Days 29 and 30

Account registration.
Steps to Follow

Step 1

Obtain a license. Once acquired, you will gain access to the client area.

Step 2

Obtain a license. Once acquired, you will gain access to the client area.

Step 3

Obtain a license. Once acquired, you will gain access to the client area.

Step 4

Obtain a license. Once acquired, you will gain access to the client area.
Terms and Conditions of Use
By acquiring a license for any of our portfolios, the client agrees to the following terms and conditions:
  1. The client does not own the portfolio; they simply use the license for a specified period.
  2. The client assumes all risks associated with acquiring the license for the use of the portfolio. Therefore, in case of negative results from the portfolio operation, the client is solely responsible.
  3. The client agrees not to manipulate the operation of the portfolio. Any manipulation will result in full responsibility for the client, not the system.
  4. Evaluations: If the system does not reach the evaluation goal in the first 30 days, and as long as the account balance is higher than the initial balance, the client can request an extension of the evaluation and continue using the system.
  5. If the evaluation is not passed due to the expiration of the time limit and/or a negative balance generated by the system, the client has the right to request a new license for a new evaluation at no additional cost. No refund of funds invested in the systems will be made under any circumstances.
  6. The use of a portfolio in a prop firm is strictly subject to its conditions. We are not responsible for account cancellations or similar events. In such cases, the client can use their license with any firm of their choice.
By accepting these terms and conditions, the client will be able to use the product. Otherwise, this option is not suitable for you.